RarinJinda Wellness Spa Chiang Mai has been shortlisted as nominees of Best Sensuous Spa at Boutique Hotel Awards 2013

RarinJinda Wellness Spa Chiang Mai has been shortlisted as nominees of Best Sensuous Spa category at Boutique Hotel Awards 2013. Winner will be announced at the World Boutique Hotel Awards Ceremony at the Grand Ballroom at Mont Calm Hotel, Marble Arch, London on 28 November 2013.

RarinJinda Wellness Spa Resort in Chiang Mai,Thailand, is our latest selection for the Sensuous Spa shortlist. It is housed in a 140 years old antique teak wood home in the Wat Ket Community. The resort is situated near the historical Ping River within the heart of Chiang Mai. The RarinJinda Wellness Spa is a sanctuary. It offers experienced therapists and the latest spa technologies but it always remains deeply rooted in the Thai massage and healing traditions' said the award Spokesperson.

About the Award:
In an ever-shrinking world of globalised brands and international hotel chains, a truly individual experience is a rare find. However, there are a number of hidden gems around the world which retain their individuality through their small size and keen sense of style and culture. The Boutique Hotel Awards look to provide such establishments with the acclaim and reward that they so dearly deserve, championing hotels that possess a unique character whilst still providing world-class services and facilities.

The winners will deliver to their guests in every possible way, demonstrating unsurpassed excellence in each category. However, more importantly successful candidates will be capable of transporting their guests into a novel world through the history of the location, its culture and its own stylistic flair.

A Boutique Hotel Award winner's service will be intuitive, their environment intimate and the experience priceless.

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