Romantic honeymoon at RarinJinda Wellness Spa Resort

AirAsia celebrates Valentine’s Day by hosting a wedding ceremony for 7 couples on the plane. Lucky couples who submitted the most convincing stories about why they should be selected were invited to join the opportunity of a lifetime with AirAsia.

To celebrate the occasion of love and Thai AirAsia’s 7 year anniversary, 7 lucky couples will get married on AirAsia’s brand-new Airbus A320, flight FD 3236 from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. According to Tassapon Bijleveld, CEO of Thai AirAsia, “AirAsia would like to celebrate the day of love with our ‘Love is in the…AirAsia’ activity. We learned of these couples through stories that they submitted through and we are honored to host their dream wedding on our plane. The festivities on the plane will include the exchange of rings, a wedding kiss, and a souvenir certificate of marriage from AirAsia. All of this will be a happy moment, shared among 180 other passengers as witnesses to the ceremony. Apart from this, the Airline has also organized fun events such as prize giveaways, and special Valentine’s Day stickers to be given out to our passengers”.

One of the lucky couples, Ms. Bongkotchatorn Kittitalcharoen (Yhong) expressed that “this wedding in the sky is what has defined so much of our long distance relationship. I live in Bangkok while my boyfriend was living in Surat Thani. Our love was tested by time and distance but I can genuinely say that we were only able to see each other very often because of AirAsia’s promotions and affordable fares. What makes this wedding meaningful is that we are getting married on a special place which has made everything possible in surviving our long distance relationship. ”

Meanwhile Ms Wirongrong Phosuk (Run), another lucky bride, stated that “Our connection to the plane and Chiang Mai are things that make this wedding important to us. Before I met my fiancé, I went to Doi Suthep Temple in Chiang Mai and prayed to meet the love of my life. Those prayers were answered when I got back to Bangkok and met a pilot from Chiang Mai. The first time we confessed our love to each other was on a plane that he was flying-it was very romantic. The first trip we ever took together was also on AirAsia. This Valentine’s Day marks our 2 year anniversary and it was always in our plan to get married on Valentine’s Day. We are so honored to be a part of this ceremony and it is a very meaningful day for us.”

The 7 lucky couples will also receive wedding gowns and outfits for the special occasion from Cosily by Apirassak, while driving a brand new Toyota Prius during their sweet 3-day, 2 night romantic honeymoon in Rarinjinda Wellness Spa Resort in Chiang mai.

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